Ixion is a UK based mailing list for those interested in motorcycling. It has been likened to "a group of bikers chatting down the pub".

Ixion was originally set up by Dave Edmondson in July 1990 at Queen Mary and Westfield College in East London. Malcolm Jackson took over the running of Ixion at the University of Nottingham in June 1993, continuing until January 2002.

Since that time, the list has been hosted by Ixie-owned facilities, moving servers again in April 2009 in March 2011, whilst simultaneously undergoing a complete redesign (which nearly got completed). On the 5th October 2016 the website was recovered from the excellent wayback machine on archive.org and is currently being hosted by Andrew P (see the git repo here - pull requests are VERY welcome). Ruffle is hosting the list software.

Originally called Ogri, the name was changed to Ixion in May 1996.

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